10 Best Fantasy TV Series

If you are a big fan, as well as I am, of fantasy TV series and seem to never get enough of it, I invite you to take a virtual journey into the world of the best fantasy TV series people have fallen in love with around the world.

Whether you love to take a look back in the mythical past or enjoy entering a new world of fantasy where intrigues are woven and plot is really surprising and unexpected waits around the corner, this is the place where you’ll see the insights to the most successful fantasy TV series so far.

Read the summaries and watch the official trailers and choose which is your next fantasy stop: Merlin, Carnivale or True Blood? The decision is up to you! This is 10 Best Fantasy TV Series provided by MyLifeIsBrilliant.com!

# 10 Merlin


Rated a 7.8 on IMDB, Merlin is a great adventure and fantasy TV series that tells the story of the legendary sorcerer when he was a young man. He learns magic craft, medicine from the court`s physician and he becomes a squire to the noble prince Arthur. The fate of the two is intermingling and the adventures never stops for the young sorcerer. This is a must see!

# 9 True Blood


True Blood exploits a world where vampires have come to life and haunt the real world, while the people who are more sensitive to different energies seem to sense them. Sookie Stackhouse`s life is turned upside down when she uses her telepathic senses to see real vampires that ‘came out of the coffin’. The movie has a well-written plot and it`s a must see for those who love vampires and everything related to them.

# 8 The Vampire Diaries


This is a 100% vampire story where beautiful teen Elena Gilbert is caught up in a relationship with two vampire teens brothers that fight with their killing instincts. One of the vampire falls in love with beautiful Elena and that`s where things start to get shaky for the two since Elena`s best friend is a witch, just like her grandmother. Will they conceive to hide their true selves and act like real humans? That`s something you`ll need to find out yourself

# 7 Angels in America


This TV mini-series is another successful fantasy and drama movie, where you`ll meet playwright Tony Kushner who`s adapting his political epic on the AIDS crisis to the 1980. The script is written perfectly, as well as the cast and the series in all. This is an award-winning fantastic TV series that is worth spending your time with.

# 6 The 10th Kingdom


This mini-series tells the story of a father and a daughter that get caught up in different parallel universes, where Show White, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood have kingdoms that are fragmented by trolls, giants and all sorts of weird mythical creatures. Are fairy tales real and if so, can people live in the fairyland? This is an amazing series that you must see!

# 5 The Lost Room


If you like mysteries and the idea of portals that can easily get you to another dimension, then you must watch The Lost Room, where a detective investigates a very mysterious motel room that seems to have something unexplained related to it. This is a great fantasy series if you also like investigation movies and like to solve mysteries. Love it!

# 4 Once Upon a Time


This is one of the most fresh fantasy TV series in our top 10 that tells the story of troubled past woman who if drawn to a small town where magic and fairy tales seem to be real somehow. This is a story of hope and salvation when the battle of good versus evil ready to begin in the fairy tale world.

# 3 Supernatural


This is the story of two brothers who have are in search of their missing father that has trained them to be warriors against supernatural evil. Eventually when they find him, they also find out that their father knows who killed their mother years ago, a supernatural creature they go after. They start to get psychic powers and they are determined more than ever to get their hands on the creature that murdered their mother.

# 2 Carnivale


Rated an 8.7 on IMDB, Carnivale tells the story of an Oklahoma farm boy and a minster who found out they are key players in the proxy war between good and evil. The action takes place during the great depression. The travelling carnival is a place where people are more than humans and have extraordinary abilities, however there is a lot of mystery surrounding the circus and their members as well. Curious?

# 1 Best Fantasy TV Series: Game of Thrones


Our #1 pick for this Top 10 Best Fantasy TV Series is fantasy TV series Game of Thrones that tells the story of seven Nordic noble families that all fight to take control of the fictitious land of Westeros. Political and sexual intrigues are everywhere you look and cruel intentions reshape the course of the story.  In the end, there is a greater battle that needs to be fought for the entire empire to stand tall. This is an amazing fantasy TV series, rated a full 9.4 on IMDB.

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