10 Best Health Documentaries

If you are a person that is very interested in personal health as well as the health condition of others around you, you should get a clear picture about the best health documentaries ever produced so far.

Whether they speak about the health system, drugs and epidemics, how to cure cancer naturally and even reverse some of the worst lifestyle conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol they will provide you with some powerful and useful information that you can use as tools to protect yourself and the ones you love from getting really sick.

There are very many documentary movies that debate the health matter one way or the other, however we have selected the ones that not only describe a critical situation that threaten our health but also some amazing solutions to help yourself. These are 10 Best Health Documentaries which you will find really useful and amazing.

# 10 Vaccine Nation

If you ever wonder what does the vaccine shots contain and how they can negatively affect our children`s health and our own, this is the best documentary that you can get. Open your mind and enter the back door of our health system and decide for yourself whether vaccines are good or bad for you and your family.

# 9 Food Matters

The main reason people get sick is because of the food they eat, and there is no one that can deny it, in fact everybody seems to agree. However, if things are so, why do we continuously poison our bodies and enjoy a slow death throughout our lives? The society norms are marketing effects spread by the corporations that want your money and never cares about your health. Even so, Food Matters is a documentary that will teach you about food and provide you with info what the school, the govt and your parents have not taught for some reasons. Enjoy!

# 8 Run From The Cure

An amazing health documentary about how cancer treatments are hide away and banned from the public due to what the health system calls dangerous and untested treatments. However, desperate people who suffer from cancer have tried them and survived the disease when traditional „ permitted” treatments only kill you step by step. This is the story of Rick Simpson and the use of medicinal hemp oil for healing cancer, one of the best health documentaries ever.

# 7 Marketing of Madness: Are We All Insane?

This is one of the most relevant documentaries on psychiatric drugging industry and the relationship between psychiatry and drug companies that have created a fortune from the psychotropic drug prescription. However, the side effects of the pills prescription for so-diagnosed “mental illnesses” even worsen the mental health and induce aggression and depression on long term. This is a very alarming documentary that you need to watch before entering a psychiatric drug treatment!

# 6 Super Size Me

If you still are a MacDonald`s loyal customer, wait until you watch this documentary and get over the crap. I know it`s cheap and you believe it tastes good, but it won`t keep you healthy nor help you save money, because they will end up in the doctor`s pocket and on medication.

What do you prefer? Spending money on doctors and drugs or spending them on REAL food and keep healthy and happy? It`s up to you to decide!

# 5 Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World

One of the deadliest food additives it the Aspartame or E 951, which is an artificial sweetener that is most commonly found in sugar free products such as chewing gum, sugar free candies, diabetes food, soda drinks and many more others. However, the great corporations rule the world and Donald Rumsfeld, allowed Aspartame to enter the food industry by ignoring its deadly effects on people. Take a closer look!

# 4 Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days

How many times have you heard from your physician that diabetes is a disease that once you develop it you will pretty much have to live with it for your entire life, with strict pill prescription? No more of this nonsense! The human body has the amazing ability to heal itself if we simply allow it to happen. However, you cannot stick a hole in your pants with a scissors. That`s where raw food, the food the people were build for comes into action. Not convinced yet? Watch the documentary below!

# 3 Dying to Have Known

This is the story of the Gerson Therapy for cancer and many other degenerative illnesses that has finally come to light after decades of hiding under the threshold. The testimonials and the scientific evidence that you will find in this movie are shocking. Cancer can be cured with fresh fruits and vegetable juice. It is THAT simple! Watch and learn!

# 2 Forks over Knives

If you have ever heard about someone who has died from fresh fruits and vegetables intake, except for food allergies, don`t ever watch this documentary. However, if you start to thinks that meat is the cause for all the diseases in this world as well as all the other life less foods, processed, frozen, canned and anything in between, please do watch it. Two authorities in the medical field will open the door to a healthier lifestyle and will provide you with scientific information and data to support their scientific beliefs. This one will change your life for good!

# 1 Global Eugenics: Using Medicine to Kill

Have you ever wondered how a pandemic starts and spreads? Don`t bother, because you will find the answer here. This is perhaps the one documentary that every single being on Earth should watch because it will 100% change the way we treat our illnesses and trust our doctors today. This is as shocking as it is well documented and in the end you will be enlightened and armed with some powerful information.

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