10 Best Romantic Comedies Ever

best romantic comedies, romantic comedies, romantic comedy, best romantic comedies everIf Friday evening is near and you wish to spend a day inside with your partner or with your best friends, there is no better way to do it than with some popcorn and the a romantic comedy to laugh and cry and enjoy the happy end.

That`s why we’ve decided to bring to you a top 10 with the very best romantic comedies ever for you to choose from and enjoy watching. Whether you wish to choose a certain romantic plot that you prefer, or you like to see more comedy than romance and even if you wish everything to be folded in a mist of fantasy and surreal, we believe you will find any of these in the list you are about to see.

So, there`s a great romantic comedy for each and every one of you out there, no matter you are a boy or a girl, single or couple, young or old, no doubt about.

Only play the trailers and decide upon the one romantic comedy you wish to view tonight.

Come on, give it a shot, everybody loves a happy end! These are 10 Best Romantic Comedies Ever offered to you by your lifestyle blog, MyLifeIsBrilliant.com

# 10 No Strings Attached


For all of you Ashton Kutcher fans and for the men who simply love Natalie Portman, this is the romantic comedy for you. No Strings Attached is all about trying not to fall in love with you sex buddy, however, not everybody conceives to do it. You`ll see.

# 9 Crazy, Stupid, Love.


Another fresh romantic comedy released last year, Crazy, Stupid, Love. tells the story of a middle-aged man whose wife divorces him and he seeks to rediscover his manhood and appeal. Picking chicks in a bar may sound easy, well…not for this guy. Funny stuff!

# 8 Flipped


This movie you bring back memories of that childhood love we all had that for some managed to become the love of their life. Based on the novel “Flipped” by Wendelin Van Draanen this is a fantastic movie!

# 7 Love Me If You Dare


Now we`re going back to 2003 to see a fantastic French romance/drama/comedy which involves two best friends, Julien and Sophie who continue an odd dare competition they started when they were children. However, they are grown-ups now and things could become serious.

# 6 Midnight in Paris


Another France related romance movie, tells the story of a couple who find themselves in Paris, not only to celebrate love but to solve their numerous differences that are going on between the two. Will love last? See it for yourself!

# 5 Love Actually


This is the intricate story of eight couple who deal everyday with different aspects of the love relationship and how they fall in love and fall out of love in London, somewhere before Christmas time. It`s a must see!

# 4 (500) Days of Summer


(500) Days of Summer speaks about a woman who is certain true love doesn`t exist and a young man who inexplicably falls for her. The conclusion? Don`t jump into conclusion, see the movie first! J

# 3 The Artist


For all of you 20`s lovers, this is a sound off movie about the love affair between the artist and one of his dancers and the different paths they are to walk on. Will fame and success change love? Definitely worth seeing!

# 2 Moonrise Kingdom


Released in 2012, Moonrise Kingdom is the story of two young kids who fall for each other and decide to run away together from the small town they live in. This decision starts a real buzz and people go in search for the two. When love hits the town, it hits hard doesn’t it?

# 1 Best Romantic Comedy Ever:



And my personal all-time favorite and perhaps the most amazingly elaborated love story ever, is of course, Amelie. This is the story of a petite French woman in search for the true love that she understands to be a hard to solve puzzle and the road to her heart, an elaborated game created with plentiful of imagination. Delicious and breathtaking!

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