10 Conspiracy Documentaries You Will Find Useful

If you have a fancy for all that conspiracy means and always seem to search for a different point of view upon what`s happening around you I may say you have arrived to the spot, since you will get to know more about 10 Conspiracy Documentaries that You Will Find Useful.

The documentaries are not ranked in any ways, they are simply listed for you.

If you wonder what we mean by conspiracy, our understanding towards the term is a different point of view from the mainstream vision related to one particular subject, highly debated or not. It is an alternative to what the most tell and believe in.

It could be or not true, but you yourself shall decide after listening to both of the sides.

Hence we bring you a total ten conspiracy documentaries on various matters that debate very interesting subjects that we should all be aware of. Nothing is more important nor more powerful than true knowledge that you build yourself after taking with you all the elements that make sense and are truly reasonable.

Enjoy these amazing movies and be good!

# 1 The Light Bulb Conspiracy

This documentary will provide you with shocking information on planned obsolescence of all the devices and machines put out on the market.

# 2 Tapped

Have you ever wondered how safe the tapped water is? Here you will find some amazing new info on this matter with facts.

# 3 Coca Cola Case

There is a lot of buzz this days around the policies of Coca Cola Enterprise, as well as their respect for environment, people and employees. No wonder.

# 4 Tobacco Conspiracy

Still a smoker? Perhaps there is no other reason to quit until you watch this conspiracy documentary that will provide you with some amazing stuff.

# 5 Who Killed the Electric Car?

A fascinating true story on how the electric car has been hide away by those who own the oil resources on the Planet, the few.

# 6 Our Daily Bread

A true controversial documented movie on the source of our food today and why this is a matter that should alarm us all.

# 7 Hollow Earth

An amazing theory says that Earth is not solid and magmatic in its interior, but hollow and it hides some amazing life forms in it that wait to come out again, these being the guardians of our planet. Curious?

# 8 The Philadelphia Experiment & Montauk Project

An amazing documented film on the Montauk Project and how our thoughts and imagination are able to create matter. Shocking information!

# 9 Inside Job

Financial crisis, unemployment and poverty are only the side effect of the economical assassins, hired by the governments to enslave us, or at least this is what Inside Job says. Unfortunately we were able to find only the trailer online, here it is:

# 10 College Conspiracy

Are higher institutions just a means of hemorrhaging money, our money, for titles or diplomas which does not assure our future employment and share false information? Could this be?

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