10 Most Beautiful Crater Lakes in the World

If you are a true fan of the miraculous planet Earth and everything it has to offer, then it’s a great idea to see which are the most beautiful crater lakes in the world and where they are located.

Who knows, maybe one day you’ll get the money and time for that ultimate trip around the world to see its beauties and miracles.

Words are not enough to explain beauty, especially when it comes to natural beauties, but we will definitely try.

This is our 10 Most Beautiful Crater Lakes in the World!


# 10 Lake Pingualuk

Location: Quebec Region, Canada

Age: 1.4 ± 0.1 million years old

Formation: Impact Crater

Trivia: One of the deepest lakes in North America.

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# 9 Okama Lake

Location:Mount Zaō, Japan

Formation: Volcanic Eruption

Trivia: Also known as  ”Five Color Pond” because it changes color depending on the weather.

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# 8 Frying Pan Lake

Location: Waimangu, New Zealand

Formation: Volcanic Eruption

Trivia: The largest hot spring in the world.

crater lakes

# 7 Lonar Lake

Location: Aurangabad, India

Formation: Meteor Impact

Trivia: The lake is both saline and alkaline in nature.

crater lakes

# 6 Crater Lake

Location: Oregon, USA

Formation: Caldera Lake

Trivia: The lake had no indigenous fish and was fish populated since 1888.

crater lakes

# 5 Ruapehu Lake

Location: New Zealand

Formation: Volcanic Eruption

Trivia: Ruapehu is one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

crater lakes

# 4 Heaven Lake

Location: China

Formation: Volcanic Eruption

Trivia: It is said to have a lake monster seen by only a few.

crater lakes

# 3 Queen Elizabeth Park Lakes

Location: Uganda, Africa

Formation: Rift Movement

crater lakes

# 2 Lake Pinatubo

Location: Philippines

Formation: Climactic Eruption

Trivia: The lake is described as a  ”a wide jewel of blue and green”.

crater lakes

# 1 Tri Colored Kelimutu Lakes

Location: Indonesia, Asia

Formation: Volcanic Eruption

Trivia: They are called  ”Lake of Young Men and Maidens” and “Bewitched”.

crater lakes

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