5 Best Movies to Watch in Autumn

best movies to watch in autumn, movies to watch in autumn, autumn movies, best autumn moviesWhen I think about making up a list of the very best movies to watch in autumn, I automatically think of Paris, of the rural country sides of Italy and a very beautiful autumn setting.

The grass is no longer green, the weather isn’t that warm anymore and that is the perfect time to snuggle up in bed with your popcorn nearby and a delicious glass of red wine and contemplate on love and all the other beauties in this world.

The cat has her usual place on the couch and there must be a perfect movie for you two to watch together. Well, we also believe it too. So, get ready for our list of 5 best movies to watch in autumn and enjoy the chill season.

# 5 No Strings Attached

Although this movie may seem to you the ordinary romance, and it probably is, I gotta say we picked this one because Ashton Kutcher is simply fantastic in this role. Who doesn’t want that super-hot, funny, goofy and yet great lover at the same time?

While Natalie Portman plays the role of a young woman who doesn’t want something serious, she might not make it her way because Ashton is way too cute. Well, you’ll see it yourself. This is great on that autumn weekends in bed.

# 4 A Walk in the Clouds

One of the movies in which Keanu Reeves is most sexy and sweet is, of course, A Walk in the Clouds. As I was saying before, the rural Mexican landscapes during the grape harvest is one of the full of flavor and romance places to be.

This movie depicts the love story between the war survivor, Paul and beautiful Mexican woman Victoria Aragon who meet by mistake on the bus on their way home. Even if at the beginning their thing begins as a simple help, their love grows passionately and they have nothing more to do about it. You gotta see this!

# 3 P.S. I Love You

Although it is drama mixed with romance and in the end you’ll cry a river on your man’s shoulder and tell him again how much you love him, this movie has one of the best scripts ever. It is intricate and surprising, and until the very end you cannot say what exactly is going on.

This movies practically tells that love knows no boundaries and limits and not even death can set two lovers apart. Again, if you feel like crying, see this one!

#2 Before Sunset

Our second places movie is a more refined romance and drama who’s action is located somewhere in the streets of romantic city of Paris. This movie presents the reunion  between an US writer and a French woman who have met on a train years ago and never heard from one another since.

They have a single day to tell about their lives meanwhile and by the end of the day they need to split up. Will they stay together? Well, you’ll see. This movie tries to inspire us to live our love as if tomorrow you’d never see him/her again. Great movie!

# 1 Amelie

Half fantasy, half real, this is a French masterpiece that speaks about young Amelie and her city adventures in finding real love and at the same time unraveling a mystery that’s taken over her life. Luckily, finding out one secret opens her heart and first true love comes in.

This movie makes us imagine and fantasize on finding love and teaches us to never give up. Life is what you make it, so imagine what you want to happen in yours. Of course, the streets of Paris make of this one of the best movies to watch in autumn.

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