5 Nutrition Myths You Need to Know

Here are for you some of the most best known 5 Nutrition Myths that need to know of so that you are fitter for this world and live a better life. You don’t have to believe us, do a more thorough research and see if they make any sense or not, but mostly try to listen to what your body tells you and pay great attention to its true needs.

# 1 Fat Foods Makes You Fat

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One of the most well-known nutrition myth is the belief according to which eating fatty food you will get fat. The idea is simple. Along the ages people have associated foods and their bodies in a very peculiar manner.

So, they say: if you eat pork brain you will become smarter, if you eat vegetable you will become feeble as they are and if you eat meat you will be strong.

They have clearly associated the physical features of foods to human physical characteristics. However, it has been proven that not fat is the one that makes you fat, but sugar.

However, if you don`t ever eat sugar and eat 3 kg of pork meat per day, chances that you get overweight will increase due to the fact that your body does not need that amount of food.

Things clear?

# 2 Eating Fruits After Meals

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Another nutrition myth we bust today is the idea according to which fruits are best eaten right after or right before meals. This is completely wrong, and you have all the right to ask yourselves why.

Well, fruits in particular are digested and metabolized differently from the other types of food and once they enter the stomach they ferment and get into the intestine where all the nutrients get absorbed and sent to the body cells.

Other foodstuff don`t ferment while in the digestive process and if you eat both at a meal they will rather prevent one another`s proper digestion and you will be left with little nutrients than ought to.

So, have fruits as separate meals and don`t eat them in combination with other foods, except veggies and legumes.

# 3 Three Meals a Day

Three meals a day, 5 meals with two in between snacks, 6 small meals a day. I really truly believe people really don`t know when to eat and it`s understandable since all sorts of specialists know better the way we work than mother nature herself.

The problems with the meals in a day has led to people overeating and not getting to eat when they are really hungry.

This is the mistake of the century. So, we recommend you that you don`t follow no schedule for eating and eat only when you feel hunger.

For those who do not know, hunger is most obvious when you feel a hole in your stomach, your hear your intestines rumble (but not because you`ve eat too much) and overall you feel you lack energy.

Now, that`s when you`re hungry!

# 4 We Lack Proteins in our Diet

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It is a nonsense to continue our hoax propaganda to advertise the good all might meat, eggs and cow milk, the wonder foods that kept us alive and that we cannot live without.

The fact that these are the foods that contain the most quantity of proteins, that could be doubtful as it is, does not mean, now bear with me on this one, that other foods do not have proteins at all.

In fact, there are no protein lacking foods, ask any physician. Moreover, having a protein lacking diet means that you are malnourished, extremely skinny and have little time to live.

This happens in countries where people can`t afford the minimum food resources and die of starvation. Well, the last time I ever saw a man die of starvation was… in the pictures of Auschwitz and in other pictures of African children.

Hence, when did you saw a man dying of starvation most recently?

# 5  A Meat Free Diet will Make You Weak and Ill

Another common sense physical association between the leanness of vegetables, how easy they can be chopped and torn and meat, which is hard to handle, for which you need a special knife to cut it and even harder to cook has led us to believe that eating a plant-based diet will make you feeble as a plant, thin and ill and eating meat will make you strong and almighty powerful.

However, nobody has died so far by not eating meat, on the contrary the large meat consumption that we indulge ourselves with today has led to numerous dreadful diseases such as high cholesterol, obesity, heart disease, heart attack and basically feeling heavy and lacking energy every day.

Moreover there are numerous famous people, renowned for their novelty and progress that led a plant-based diet and god knows they did not due to it, nor lacked proteins.

Some of the most famous vegetarians are Murray Rose, six times Olympic swimmer medalist at freestyle record holder, Éder Jofre professional boxer former Bantamweight and Featherweight Champion and Doug Hepburn Canadian world-champion weightlifter. Nutrition myth busted!

Need more proof? We recommend you this article for further reading: Why High Animal Protein Diets Age You Faster

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