5 Steps to Make Him Want You

So, there`a this guy you want so bad but don`t know how to act when you`re around him or how to approach him.

Unless you want to have a hard time, read below the most efficient 5 steps to make him want you bad!

make him want you, steps to make him want you, step to make him want you1. Don`t pay too much attention

The first thing you need to do when you want to make a guy want you is to pay him as much attention as you pay the others. Why? The answer is simple!

You shouldn’t act as if he`s the ONE you want, because he will soon get the idea that you are available for him 24/7 and that he can treat you pretty much as he wishes. And you don`t want that, right? Especially if you just met him the other day.

This doesn’t mean that you should ignore him like he`s not there at all because he will notice your behavior and will probably think that you have something against him or you don`t want him around and that`s not true, isn’t it? If you want to make him want you play it cool and don`t overwhelm him with you attention.

2. Be confidentmake him want you, steps to make him want you, step to make him want you

As much as you desire a man that is self-confident and daring, he also wants a partner that is confident and convincing. The next step you need to achieve in order to make him want you is to pay attention to your body language.

Keep in mind that positive body language shows that you are self-confident and relaxed and you have nothing to hide! Don`t keep your hands crossed when you talk to him, nod you head ‘yes’, don`t use too many negation words, smile and be happy. Well, not too happy…he might think that you are on some sort of special medication.

make him want you, steps to make him want you, step to make him want you3. Act like a girl

The most important reason men like women is because women are women and not man. (At least straight men.) Am I logical enough? Women differ from men because of the way they behave and speak in first place. Not one man wants to date a woman that walks and talks like a man.

If you want to make him want you, you need to act like a lady. More specific, don`t use vulgar words, don`t interrupt him when he speaks, be feminine and sweet and don`t use manly gesture at all. Even though he will laugh or smile at first, he will really look down at you and you don`t want that.

4. Take care of your lookmake him want you, steps to make him want you, step to make him want you

Men were interested from ancient times of how women look as a sign of health and strength  You don`t need to look like Rihanna to make him feel attracted to you, but you really need to keep your body and face clean. This is the first thing you need to do.

The next step is to pay attention to the way you dress. Wear clothes that suit your body figure and outline the best assets that you have. Don`t overwhelm your face with tones of make up, boys don`t like it!

Boys prefer you with flawless skin and a natural tan rather than with fake eyelashes and eccentric make-up. You don`t want to freak him out, you just want to make him yours, right?

Keep it clean!

5. Be yourselfmake him want you, steps to make him want you, step to make him want you

The last step to in making him want you is to be yourself as you normally are. Now, let me explain what it means. It doesn’t mean you have to behave as with your mother, father or BFF, because he`s not.

If you want to know how to be yourself you need to find out how you really. In order to find it out you need to understand what circumstances make you feel good, relaxed and natural. What suits you. Don`t be afraid to show him who you are and what you like to do and what makes you feel good. Make him desire you by being yourself!

After all, he will find it eventually!

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