How do We Get Fat?

Along the past decades, nutritionists and researchers have desperately tried to find the answer to a very important question. And that is: “How do we get fat?”. Until recently, some nutritionists have proclaimed that the number of calories we intake and the amount of fat that we eat are the contributing factors to gaining body fat.

Most recently though, renowned French dietitian Montignac, and others more have concluded that sugar is really the reason why we get fat. This theory stands on solid ground, being repeatedly proven through numerous experiments. The best example is the Montignac Diet that had helped millions of people lose fat and stay in shape. But well, we can’t take everything for granted, can we? The question we aim to answer here is: How do we get fat?

1. A Matter of Glucose

When you eat a sugary foodstuff, the sugar enters directly into your blood vessels  The sugar in your blood is called glucose. Glucose is a natural organic fuel that plays an important role in providing your mind and body with energy. When the quantity of glucose in your organism is too high, a hormone called insulin comes into action to regularize the level of glucose.

2. And then there’s Insulin

Insulin (the hormone that regulates carbs and fat metabolism in the body) is responsible for the metabolization of carbohydrates. Insulin transforms them into energy for each and every body cell. Hence, when we eat sugary foods, our body produces the necessary amount of insulin to break down the sugar in our blood. The higher the level of glucose in your blood, the higher the level of insulin.

3. Level of insulin too high

However, if we eat moo much sugar at one meal, the insulin can not keep the pace to break the sugar down. Hence, when the level of insulin secreted is too high, the insulin stimulates the production of an enzyme that stores the extra glucose into our fat cells, making the expand. At the cellular level, that`s the simplistic way we get fat: our fat cells expand because they are made to deposit and store all the extra that our body doesn`t need. The fat cells grow and we get fat.

This is how we get fat at the cellular level and the reason why so many people are overweight. Since we`ve explained how we get fat, let`s see what we can practically do to avoid getting fat. Here`s a short list of things that you can do though:

  1. Avoid sugary product like sweets, bread, sugary cereals, sodas, and so on.
  2. Don`t use sugar when you cook lunch, breakfast and dinner to emphasize the taste of food.
  3. Don`t eat too much during one meal because the sensation of saturation comes only half hour after you have finished eating. Otherwise you will only get the sensation of feeling tired.
  4. Eat fruits instead of sweets, but draw it mild. Two pounds of bananas per day won`t help you stay in shape.
  5. Work out!

Good Luck!

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