How to Attract Women

We show you here how to attract women and enjoy women, so first things first!

how to, how to attract women, attract women

Take the lead

The most crucial thing you need to keep in mind if you wish to find out how to attract women is that a man is man and in order to be a man you have to take the lead. It doesn’t matter the circumstances, if it’s about dancing or having a conversation,  the man has to take the lead.

Women think they like to take decisions but remember: They only think they want to take decisions but they really don’t. You are the man, and you have to take decisions about whatever you will do together. Asking her for about anything you wanna do is a sign of insecurity and women hate this. So don’t ask, just tell.

Why? There is not such thing as a 50% – 50% relationship, never was, and never will be. Hence, things can go really bad when a woman takes the lead in a conversation because she will start interrogating you, making fun of you, in other words torture you. And guess what?

Women will always appreciate you more for your boldness. Women really don’t like to take the responsibility of leading a conversation so you’re doing them a great service.

Treat her with boldness, respect and always look her in the eyes. It’s a sign of insecurity and for some reason women detect body language 10 times better than men do.

This is the first thing you need to keep in mind if you wish to know how to attract women. Use it!

Have your own identity

If you wish to attract women, you have to get separated from the crowd and it doesn’t quite matter in what way. Any identity beats off no identity.

 Look at every single movie star or entertainer out there and you will see that they all have one thing in common: they all have a a strong identity and personality they have built and can never be changed.

Be the way you will need a lot of confidence and now it`s the perfect time to feel and be confident. Remember that nothing on Earth can change you when you will set your mind.


Men never smile too much. Smile when you talk, when you observe and look at someone, when you yourself are looked at. Always smile! This is one of the most important things if you need to find out how to attract women. No doubt about it!

how to, how to attract women, attract women

Make compliments

Flattery will get you in heaven if used with caution. Never abuse of compliments, make them unique, personalize them and when you will hit jackpot. Your target will be 100% down (in your arms, of course).

Learn how to dance

Sitting or standing around looking like a jerk with a beer in your hand will not make you attractive. Women like to dance and they love it when a man knows how to dance and when is sure knowing how to have fun.

Take care of yourself

Women use all of the 5 senses when it comes to men, so you need to smell good so don`t think twice when deciding to buy an expensive cologne. Buy clothes that fits you perfectly and great shoes too. For an unknown reason, women always look at a man’s shoes and make an opinion from the first moment they meet.

This is very important if you wish to know how to attract women, because if you can’t take care of you, how will you take care of her?

Think positive

how to, how to attract women, attract women

But don’t brag. Never brag about yourself or you’ll end up looking desperate to impress her and a woman has a really good sense in detecting a brag. They also don`t like that. Instead of bragging talk positively about your life. Tell her how much you enjoy your life how much you enjoy your job, even if you wash floors it doesn’t matter. Tell her what are your favorite things to do.

Enthusiasm, ambition and passion are the keys when talking to a woman. Keep in mind: never ever talk negative about your life or your job and never brag. It’s better to be mysterious than bragging about yourself and this is basically what you have to do if you wish to know how to attract women.

Be sexual

Stay far far away from platonic relations. Always throw some sexuality somewhere in your sayings because being sexual is the only way that leads to sex. So start being sexual. But be careful! Never try to have sex with a woman at the first date, just make some sexual comments or jokes that will definitely make your day and hers too.

What you want to do is to create sexual tension between the two of you and don`t worry, sex will be on fire! Keep in mind! A long discussion between a man and a woman without a single sexual subject is dangerous and will not help you find out how to attract women. Really!

Let her do the talking

Women love to talk and their biggest complaint is that men don’t listen. So let her talk. If she stops, ask her open questions like “what are the things you like to do when going out?” or “what’s your favorite restaurant?”

Never ask closed questions like “How old are you?” or “Where are you from?” Give her the opportunity to talk a lot and only come in when the discussion falls to bad subjects like her ex-boyfriend, the bad things in her life etc. Well, if you wish to know how to attract women only.

Never complain

Women hate man that are complaining just about anything. It’s too cold outside, I hate this, I hate that. Do that and you’ll look like a pussy. Am man never complain about anything.  And if you feel the need to complain about something, just ask yourself how would James Bond act in the same situation.

We guarantee these tips really work and if you apply them all you will know how to attract women.

You just have to put them into play 100% confident and you will get 100% positive results.

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