How to Communicate Efficiently

There are many ways to communicate inefficiently and create problems for yourself and others, however if you wish to improve your communication with other people we will show you how to communicate efficiently by revealing a few very important keys that reside in an efficient communication.

Before you find out how to do this, we should define what an efficient communication is. Basically a good communication means refers to getting your message to other people and letting them truly understand what you wanted to say.

So, here are a few problems that block a efficient communication and their keys. Try to truly understand them and use them when you communicate to others, because this is communicating in an efficient manner.

1. Say it, don`t just think of it!how to, how to communicate efficiently

First of all if you wish to know how to communicate efficiently you should know that the things you want to communicate to someone and want them to comprehend must be said to them.

That simple!

In awful many cases people don`t communicate in an efficient way because they don`t even send a real message. They think about something and expect others to know deep down their thoughts and expectation.

Next time you want to communicate successfully, say the things you want to say, physically articulate them, don’t just think about them in your mind and expect the others to understand your needs.

2. Communicate specifically

If you wish to know how to communicate efficiently you need to keep in mind that the more organization you have in your own thoughts, the better and efficient you will communicate.

A lot of times people don’t communicate very well because they themselves don’t know what they even want to say. Hence, don’t rush, take a minute and get things clear in your mind and then say what you have to say.

If your own thoughts are disorganized, ask yourself what communication can you possible make and in the end how efficient will it be?

 how to, how to communicate efficiently3. Don`t do too many things at the same time

In very many people don`t know how to communicate efficiently due to the fact that they say one thing and at the same time think of something else that bother them. This way of inefficiently communicating to others will often leave them puzzled and with a lot of unanswered questions.

If you wish to know how to sustain an efficient way of communicating you should keep in mind that the best way to do it is to focus on one thing at a time. Perhaps you have a lot going on your mind, fair enough.

Still, you have to focus on what you are doing at the present moment and do it well, because that’s the best and most efficient way to communicate in an efficient manner.

4. Sometimes words don`t match body languagehow to, how to communicate efficiently

In a lot of situations we tend to censor our real beliefs and what we truly think and communicate the exact opposite. Don`t bother doing this because of two very important aspects: you will neither be convincing nor will communicate very efficient.

The only thing you will conceive to do is to puzzle the other person and loose the quality of the communication.

Although you don`t say out loud what you think, it will be revealed to the other in a split second because your body language will communicate something else.

The solution? Whether you communicate respectfully what you feel, or you lie the best you can. Either way, believe in what you say and express it out loud.

5. Too much information

Another big mistake that we often do when we communicate to someone else is to say too many things at the same time thinking that we have thoroughly “instructed” or even “helped” our interlocutor.

Au contraire, the only thing you have done is to give him/her a hard time to keep up with you. If you wish to know really communicate efficiently, try to understand that saying to many things at the same time is not going to help.

how to, how to communicate efficiently6. Listen!

The follow up questions are great, when you want to make sure that you have efficiently communicated something but with your kids.

When talking to grownups you better simply listen to what they have to say after you have communicated your message and by doing this you find out whether they got exactly what you’ve said or not.

If they did, you are a brilliant communicator, if not, be patient and do it again. Sometimes an efficient communication is not so much about talking as it is about listening.


If you wish to know how to communicate efficiently say what you have to say, don`t just think about it and expect others to understand you, think of what you want to say before you even open your mouth, focus on the moment of communication, use the body language in your favor and listen.

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