How to Find out if Someone Is NOT into You

I`m about to tell which are the first signs that tell you someone is not into you! When someone is into you, they are sweet, they treat you well and they truly respect you. Well, find out what someone does if he/she is not into you! The 6 SIGNS below will tell you how to find out is someone is NOT into you! Let`s begin:

1. Avoiding you

When we avoid someone it means that we don`t want one or more of the several things: to stay close to that person or even share the same room with them, to make conversations with that somebody, to see someone again or try to meet the person in any other circumstances. If a boy or a girl avoids you, they practically don`t want to get close to you, they don`t want to prolongue a conversation with you or even don`t want to talk at all. This is the first sign that someone is not into you!

2. ‘I`m not ready for a serious relationship’

If someone tells you this, trust me, it is a big LIE! Why? Simple! There is no perfect time to start a serios relationship, and there is no way you can get ready for it! In fact, what the boy or the girl means is that they don`t want a relationship with you which means they are not into you! If they already told you this, it is better you forget about it and find someone else.

3. Talks sweet and acts garbage

Rule of thumb: There is no way that someone who treats you badly is into you. Not in a million years! One may say that they are really into you, that they like you and want to be with you for real, but does that person do anything accordingly? If no is the answer, that someone is NOT into you!

4. Last minutes excuses

Well, you talk to this person that you find interesting and cute and maybe you have met them a couple of times… It is obvious for you that you are looking for another date. If that person agrees that you two meet again, but everytime you are on the verge of getting together he/she apologizes and tells you that something came up in the last minute, that someone is not into you! The reason he/she doesn`t refuse another date from the start is because he/she doesn`t know how to tell you that. But they wouldn`t date you again for shore!

5. Doesn`t introduce you to her/his close friends

If someone doesn`t introduce you to their close frineds is because of two reasons: you are not that important for them or he/she will feel embarrassed. The conclusion remains the same: that someone is not into you! Close friends share the same internal norms in various situations. If the person you like will not introduce you to fis pals, it means that he already knows you will not live up to the group standars. Simple!

6. Party animal

You like somebody that pretty much treats you good and you may even think that they feel for you. Well, you can find it out from his social lifestyle. If he/she likes to party a lot and goes out a lot with his/her friends of the same sex, that means that he/she is not looking to settle down! When people of the same sex go out together, there is no doubt that they what to have fun with persons from the opposite sex. Find out someone else because that someone is not that into you! For sure!

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