How to Live Longer

If you wish to know how to live longer, the first thing to be aware of is the fact that life is somehow “composed” of two complementary dimensions that need to be harmonized with each other. The two dimensions are the physical life, the appearance or the body and the spiritual life, the soul, the energy. Others call them the brain and the heart, the yin and the yang or the mind and the higher mind. Hence, people are dual beings that, once they know how to harmonize their two selves with each other, they shall live at least longer, if not forever.

So, in order to harmonize the two complementary sides of the human being and find out how to live longer, you shall read, understand and in the end APPLY the conditions below. Read carefully!

# 1 Living in the present moment

People that have the patience of saints are somewhat in a very small number nowadays. The lack of patience that we globally face today is in parts due to the culturally constructed idea that we live in the era of speed and information.

Being patient basically refers to living the present moment at the highest intensity possible because when you live in the present it automatically means that you give up the eagerness of reaching a future possible event and that you really enjoy your life. What happens when you are eager for something that might happen somewhere in the future is that you make your time roll faster and at the end of the day, you will feel as if the last week has passed by like in only one day and you don`t remember one thing that had happened in the last year.

Why is living in the present so important and how does it help you live a longer life? First of all, time is not something that we all perceive in the same way. One hour in your time could value 5 minutes in mine and vice versa  A lot of times people say that time flies by them and other times that they have waited an eternity for something, because we all have specific measurements of time.

People that are always awaiting for another moment to happen in their lives grow old faster because they constantly create more time/they spend more time, due to their eagerness to get somewhere. Living with a future expectation makes time roll slower and in this situation a 2 hour wait could equal a 4 hour wait, hence one creates time and grows older by every extra hour he creates. However, people that live life in the present and value each single moment, because they don`t constantly create time, and for them a 2 hour wait could equal 30 minutes time, so they really get older by 30 minutes and not 2 hours. And this is the first thing to do for a happy long life.

# 2 Have a strong and sincere relationship

A strong and sincere relationship is another key for a long life. How? Simple! Every individual on this planet lives as a half and the only thing that can make us a whole is the union with our opposite sex counterpart. Some call them soul mates  others say they are spirits with such a profound connection between them that choose to reincarnate together and live all multiple lives together. That really sounds lovely!

Now, it is really hard nowadays to find that someone that can be your partner through out your entire life, but this is highly important if you wish to live longer. There is only one criterion upon which you shall choose the right soul for your soul, that being unconditional love. Unconditional love means that you deliberately love the person you have chosen, never minding your ego and the circumstances.

Unconditional love is for our souls as food is for our bodies; it feeds and nourishes your soul and spirit helping your entire being living not only happier but even living a longer life. Also, keep your family close to you and cherish your true friends. Your life is even better with them around you.

# 3 Eat healthy

We have discussed above about the unconditional love, which is the purest, most sincere and noble feeling of them all and also the food for our spirit, but if we wish to know how to live longer we also need to be aware of the way we nourish and feed our physical bodies.

Healthy eating habits will help you improve and prolong your life. This means that you need to be aware of which are the healthy dietary principles, when it comes to combining different foods at a meal, the hours of your meals, the benefits your body and mind gets from a certain foodstuff, what are the dangerous food additives and preservatives that you must never in your life eat and so on.

Also, quit smoking, quit heavy drinking and avoid obesity. Take into consideration that eating healthy food and having healthy dietary habits will not only keep your body and mind safe and sane, but it will also help you live a longer life in a state of general well being. Enjoy your meals!

# 4 Work with pleasure

And then there’s another thing that you can do to live longer. No matter what your full time job is, work with pleasure and enjoy every minute of it. If the job you have is not the job that want and you don`t find it enjoyable, there are to ways for you to start working with pleasure.

You could search for another job that you really know that it`s you and it`s the job you will gladly do for a log time to come and go for it. Second case scenario, if you feel that your present job has it`s goods and it`s bad but you are not willing to give it up, make the whole job enjoyable. Turn all the things that you cannot find enjoyable into pleasant activities by thinking that they are. And in fact, they are, only that you attributed them negative connotations or labels.

Why is this so important? The answer to a longer life is right under your nose. Living a longer life is something that you create and something that you decide. As long as you know how to find pleasant every working activities in your life, you shall desire to live longer and so you will. Think that your life is great and your job is great too and you feel great every day! And that`s true!

# 5 Be kind

Kindness is another remedy for a long and happy life. The answer is very simple. From the very beginnings  the holy book says that God has created man in his own image and since God is all goodness, man is also all goodness since the moment he was born.

This is in man`s nature. As well as the wheel is round and the winter is cold because it`s in their nature, man is good because that was the way he was created and it comes natural. Be kind as you are with everything around you, with the everyday persons and not only the loved ones, be kind with animals and nature and with everything that you get.

The logic is simple, since man`s nature is good and he is kind from birth, each time he is not kind he is not in his natural state of being and this shrinks his chances to live longer. Why? Because he is out of joints and opposes to the natural state of things, he fights his own nature and battle against his own life as a human. So be kind.

# 6 Have a pet

Having a pet is another way to live a longer life. Besides the fact that a pet is a constant companion that offers unconditional love and teaches young children about selflessness, they are also very good for your health. That`s right! Pets offer you a change to exercise everyday when you take them out for a walk in the park, hence they increase the level of activity and can ease stress.

Also, owning a pet will decrease blood pressure, fight loneliness, comfort the pain of a departed spouse and also combat depression and stress.

# 7 Think Positive!

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