Learn How to Be Happy

Being happy
 is the most important attribute that people look for during their lives. It basically dictates the quality of our lives. Some people never find happiness due to the fact that ‘happiness’ is an abstract notion that tells us little about where we can find it, how we can get to it or even how to keep it for as long as we live. In fact, happiness is not something you can find, but something you can learn. Here are a few tips on how to live a happy life and enjoy every moment of it.

1. Don`t compare yourself to the others

One of the main sources of stress comes form comparing ourselves with other people. The more we compare in terms of appearance, wealth and so on, the more miserable we feel! There is a simple and logical explanation why not to compare!

There are of two types: ones that tell you who you need to be related to the community/group that you’re part of, and the other type that relfects some idealistic norms, few people can reach. Remember that the norms that apply to your social group or community will never perfectly match yourself, since everyone is unique.  Then why compare to the others and feel miserable, when you can be happy by not doing so? Stop compating and start living happily!

2. Place less importance on money

Money has no value in itself! Money also comes and goes and the more you wish for money, the harder you will get it. When you don`t feel the need to have money so bad, you will get the money you need though! Money is not edible, it does not love you, it does not care. Trust that you will always have the money that you need and be pleased with what you have at the moment! This is another important step if you wish live a happy life.

3. Keep your loved ones close to you

There is no substitute in this world for love, respect and the feeling of belonging. People need to feel accepted and appreciated. Who will value you more if not the ones that understand you best? Keep in touch with your family, friends and the people that make you feel better. You never know when they can help you with a good advice or a better perspective regarding a problem you have encountered. Also, be there for them too! In order to get, you have to give first!

4. Don`t value life in terms of time, age and other conventional measurements

Age ain`t nothing but a number! Time is highly subjective, but people along centuries have attempted to standardize things that didn`t feel the same for everybody. They weren`t evil intented but they simply tried to give a helping hand and make people understand each other much better.

However, time, along with age, can be very stressful because we often say that we have no time/too much time for this or for that and that we are too old/young to do this and that. If you wish to be happy, you need to take this into consideration! We are never to old and we always have time! If not, ‘make room for more time’. Try to value time more and put less emphasis on your age! Don`t do things that are time consuming and that are not valuable and take your time with the really important ones. Never feel too young and too old, you have enough time for that too!

5. Keep calm no matter what!

Keeping calm is a virtue and a very important ingredient to be happy. There is nothing you can solve without calmity! Try to remember a situation you have gone through when you kept calm and another one when you simply couldn’t. Which one resolved quicker and had less negative consequences? There is this saying: ‘What comes around goes around’ and it applies here perfectly. The way we express what we feel travels to others and it makes them react accordingly. A negative manifestation of feelings will trigger a negative response, whereas a positive one will get a positive reaction. It’s a simple as that!

6. Be good with everything around you

Maybe you’ve heard this before, but we need to emphasize it again. All people are born good. What alters this state is the different life experiences we go through. Think of an one year-old! He seems pretty happy, doesn’t he? This is one of the things you need to do to be happy! Be good with people around you and don`t cause them suffering and pain if there are million ways you can avoid it! Be good to animals and plants and respect nature! Apart from feeling good about yourself, you will also feel appreciated and respected in return! This is a very important aspect if you wish to live a happy life!

7. Enjoy your meals and sleep

There is another way of putting it: eat only when you feel hungry, sleep as long as you need to feel fully recharged with energy and take time to love the one that is there for you! Food keeps us alive and feeds every part of our body. We need to respect our bodies and our meals, eat properly and never fill full when we finish eating. Don`t rush, take time, chew you food and pay attention to the feeling of happiness that food gives you. Sleep as long as you need, there is no specific period we need to sleep so that we are alright. There is only one thing that we should take into consideration: the way we heel after waking up. You should feel happier and fresh!

8. Continuously search for new stuff

There are millions of things that the world has to offer for us, all we need to do is to look for the ones that make us happy. Whether is soccer, a book or a singing band, there are still thousand of undiscovered stuff that can really pump the blood to the blood vessels and get the adrenaline going. Don`t sit and wait, search and enjoy if you wish to be happy!

9. Keep clean

Don`t look for happiness outside of you! It doesn`t live in another town and it doesn`t speak another language! Happiness is where you are at! You should know that it struggles to keep up with you! Keeping yourself and the environment clean is one of the basic aspects of being happy. As well as we feel bad when we are really hungry, the same way wefeel when we live in a not so tidy house. Keep your body and your place clean, ventilate your rooms and let happiness enter inside.

10. Do whatever makes you happy!

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