Most Beautiful Beach Cottages

When it comes to summertime and relaxing after a year of hard work, your mind travels to the most amazing spots our beautiful planet has to offer.

In most cases we dream of white sandy beaches, amazing views and landscapes and, why not, a cool lemonade or a chill beer to go along, right?

Yes, we love water, the beach and all it has to offer. But where do you lay your head in the chill summer nights? There must be somewhere special to sleep and dream the most fulfilling dreams ever.

This is the reason why men invented the beautiful beach cottages.

What are beach cottages for?

Well, they serve practical purposes, such as a place to sleep or to clean off the sand that has stuck to every part of your body. Also, a place to enjoy a delicious breakfast with a view towards the endless blue see horizon that lays ahead.

What a beautiful morning view, right?

No better place to enjoy that you are alive. No matter where we travel the world, there must always be a beach cottage where you can enter, bring back to life and enjoy all its particularities.

I always dream of sleeping in a small hut on the beach and go back to my natural state of existence. What more could you as for during your vacation?

Grab your lover or simply get only one ticket to your dream summer destination and enjoy the most amazing beach cottage to weave your dreams, get on your fav swim suit and surfing board and start the rest of your life from there.

We leave you to dream and imagine as best as possible whatever it is that you want in this life, grab your stuff and head for the ultimate summer vacation.

Don’t forget to grab your favorite book to read, sunscreen and lotion and then just really enjoy the ride. And of course, find the ultimate beach cottage with the most spectacular view.

Here is our small selection of the most beautiful beach cottages, for those who don’t have the possibilities to travel to the seaside this summer. This is for you, guys! J

Get rested, inspired and joyful and then continue living.

All our love!

Meet the Jamaican Beach Cottages

Colorful exteriors, a lot of attention to details and the wonderful traditional straw roof are key components to the South American beach cottages. If you are a fun and eccentric person, this might be the accommodation for you. J This is the perfect escape from everyday routines and schedules into the world of good quality rum, beautiful people and reggae music.



The American Beach Cottage

A bit more modern in design, sometimes inspired by tree houses or tents, the US beach huts are comfortable and solid looking. They have this 50’s and 60’s flavor to them, making them the perfect accommodation for surfers, hippies and free thinkers. Although they look simple and not too fancy, they dispose of everything one needs, especially the amazing morning views for you to enjoy your coffee.


Traditional Spanish Beach House

The beautiful Spanish haciendas have moved to the beach and have won our hearts. The Spanish beach houses are large and comfortable, with large chimneys and these just as large windows. When the light steps in, through these super sized doors, there is a relaxing nude light that falls all over the interiors.

Whereas outside, the white painted walls and the Moroccan inspired murals are the focus of attraction. And of course, the beautiful turquoise sea.



The Rural French Beach Cottages

Welcome to the country of tasty wine and gourmet cheeses. The beautiful French coasts hide an amazing number of beautiful rural cottages painted in white, with the beautiful vividly painted traditional shutters. The key components of the French beach cottage are the almost flat roof tops, the shutters and the amazingly beautiful gardens that complete the beautiful houses.


Splendid Greek Beach Cottages

And we’ve come to perhaps the most amazing looking beach houses and cottages the eyes have ever seen. Yes , we are at the Mediterranean Sea and we enjoy a sip of that amazing Ouzo drink, as well as the feta cheese salad with a bit of Tzatzichi sauce on top.

We’ve landed in the country of gods and myths, where endless sea shore border the country and its thousand islands. The clay houses painted in white are traditional here in Greece, as well as paved narrow streets with lemon trees here and there.

And yeah, olives! These are some amazing Greek beach cottages. Simply lovely!


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