Top 10 Beyonce Street Style

Hello there fashion enthusiasts! We welcome you again with a fresh top 10 where you’ll see our picks of Beyonce’s hottest street style looks. If we are to define her personal style on the street, we have to say that Beyonce aims to look posh and classy no matter where she goes.

This means that she never takes off those extremely high heels that make her look outstanding. We also love the fact that she never runs away from colorful outfits and likes to wear unique color combinations that make her always stand out from the crowd.

Another things is that Beyonce always wants to highlight her best physical assets manages to do so. First and foremost her street style can be defined by super tight pants and jeans that perfectly fit her sexy thighs. Sunglasses are also a must for a celebrity of her size and she always matches the sunglasses with the overall look she wants to represent. Another things about her style are loose blouses which are very vaporous at times or simply loose and comfy looking.

And then, when she feels less sexy, she always goes for the rock chick outfits as you will see right below. We love the trendy and cool jackets she wears, at times leather and other times some colorful jackets that catch the eye.

No matter where she’s at on the streets, the diva always has her hair done perfectly and never looks messy as other celebs. I really appreciate this, namely the fact that she is very aware of her look and never wants to make a bad impression on her fans.

You go, Beyonce! Your street style is amazing in its entirety as well as your attitude. If we are to tell if Beyonce is a fashionista or not, we could agree on the fact that she is one, and she does a great job indeed!

This is our Top 10 street outfits that Beyonce wore on the streets of New York. Which do you like the most? We believe that they all are really amazing. She is such a fashion inspiration!

# 10 The rock chick look that we’ve just talked about earlier is our pick for 10th position. She really embodies the rock star look. The leggings are one of a kind with the studs on, while the reptile leather bag is a fresh addition to the look.


# 9 The fantastic beige and metallic tones combination are always a success when you dress for a walk on the street. And again, Beyonce did a great job. Love the brilliant pumps!


# 8 This outfit is all about the shoes and the jacket. They are the surprising notes to the entire look. And who could have worked better those leather fit pants?


# 7 The loose white blouse with the perfume bottle on and the black pants are not something out of ordinary, however the shoes are the interesting note to the outfit, while the ponytail is looking amazing.


# 6 One of the most comfy looking of Beyonce’s, if not the most comfy is all about flat shoes, loose blouse and light grey pants. I love the fact that she dare take those heels off, finally! :)


# 5 This is one of the most feminine dresses she ever wore combined with the superb metallic heeled sandals. The bag is a bit from another picture, but her daring choice seems to work, don’t you think?


# 4 One of my fav street style outfit of the diva is this one. The glittery mini skirt, the loose top and leather jacket and sandals go together interestingly well. This is a very original outfit in the style of Beyonce.


# 3 The wool cap is such an amazing accessory in this outfit, while the green shirt looking dress is an interesting choice in the style of Beyonce. The sandals are awesome!


# 2 You rarely see Beyonce dressed like this, however I believe this one of her best street outfits so far. Lovely color combinations and cool shirt patterns.


# 1 Our first pick for Top 10 Beyonce Street Style is the one with the mustard yellow platforms. This is such a cool and comfy look for summer and with that attitude you should pull it off, just like Beyonce did.


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