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If you are a conspiracy documentaries fan, you have just landed on Top 10 Best Conspiracy Documentaries that waits for you.

I must say, I would’ve not called them conspiracy documentaries because I know they are about revealing the truth in things, but I assume by calling them so it`s the best way that you find them.

Regardless the specific subject of the documentaries, whether they speak about money and debt, the globalization, the economic crisis or the very foods that we eat, these are the very best conspiracy documentaries ever created that will not only leave you to think, but also informed from a non-conventional perspective.

This is Top 10 Best Conspiracy Documentaries offered to you by! Enjoy!

 # 10 Letter from Poland (2011)

Directed by Mariusz Pilis, Letter from Poland is a shocking revealing documentary which`s goal was to thoroughly investigate from a different perspective and factual the events that triggered the mysterious 2012 accident involving the death of Poland`s president Lech Kaczynski and other 95 officials that were on the same flight. If we may add the fact that the Polish president was the only European president that has not agreed to borrow money from IMF and Poland being the only UN country that hasn`t felt the harsh effects of the economic crisis, we may add that this documentary is worth watching.

# 9 Plunder: The Crime of Our Time (2009)

Danny Schechter, Cornell University graduate and investigation journalist starts a journey in which his purpose is to disguise the real crimes that stand behind the financial crisis analyzing the close connection between the real estate collapse and the economic catastrophe that hit America. He conceives to damask the criminals and the victims and how it was all made to leave people homeless.

# 8 Thrive: What on Earth Will It Take? (2011)

Unconventional as it is, this conspiracy documentary means to present us some of the most unusual and realist strategies to overthrow the balance of global power, empowering people to get their lives back and their future and balance their selves in order to resonate with the universal trend towards prosperity of the living world. This movie is full of high quality information and it is full of hope and faith. Here you can find out more:

# 7 Money as Debt (2006)

Have you ever wonder who prints money and where they come from? Don`t get hasty and believe the government regulates this, however if you believed this, you definitely have wrong information. Paul Grignon, Canadian artist and filmmaker has put together a very informative documentary on the monetary system and how things work in this matter and proves the lack of sustainability of this conventional system that puts no emphasis on true value for exchange.

# 6 Psywar (2010)

Psywar is one of the most shocking documentaries that demolishes to the ground the idea of a democratic society in which we believe we live in and presents us the truth that has been here all this time and we couldn’t see. Since old times, the society has been ruled by the same blood lines and it still is to the present. The elites have bombarded us with propaganda and led a psychological was to brainwash us and be as obedient as sheep.

# 5 Esoteric Agenda

The revealing truths in this documentary will change your world from top to bottom. However, don`t panic, knowledge is the most powerful weapon that you can use to survive. The democratic society, politics, society and terrorism are all challenged in this movie which tries to provide you with enough evidence to have a second thought about everything going on around you. Absolutely amazing!

# 4 Ungrip (2011)

This is the fascinating story of a man who set himself free from the system and the system has nothing to do about it. Rob is a man who has refused to have any papers to legitimate him and refused everything that convention has given him and in the end refused to enroll as a new slave on Earth. How did he do it? The answer lies in this amazing documentary.

# 3 Global Eugenics – Using Medicine to Kill (2009)

Perhaps the most frightening and intriguing so-called conspiracy documentary on our health system and it`s real target lies in the movie Global Eugenics. How does an eugenics start and what it`s the purpose of any pandemic? Profit. The health system does not fight to save lives it`s only job is to make money whether it`s from selling drugs, vaccines and creating diseases that kill us. You must see this!

# 2 Zeitgeist Moving Forward (2011)

The third movie from the Zeitgeist trilogy, Zeitgeist Moving Forward talks about the so needed transition out of the current socioeconomic monetary paradigm which governs the entire world society. The movie is about the shift in us in order to reorganize the concepts of the world and reassemble a society based on true human values.

# 1 David Icke`s The Lion Sleeps No More 

And now we have come to the number one spot, a documentary that will somehow give you the answer on why is this world upside down, why do we live in pain and misery and who wants this to happen. According to David Icke, there are some extraterrestrial beings that live among us, of another race called the Anunaki or Reptilian hybrids who really and truly rule this world. Who are they and why are they here? You will get your answer after watching this amazing documentary: The Lion Sleeps No More. In the link you’ll see the entire 7 hours length David Icke’s speech.

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